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Have your own website

XerCom’s standard Bed & Breakfast website package is yours for only £49.00.
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What is the standard Bed & Breakfast website package?


The standard B&B website package provides you with:

  • a website with a fixed design and layout, where you provide the photos and text
  • it provides 5 fixed pages - a Home Page; Accommodation Page; Local Area Page; Places of Interest Page; and a Prices/Enquiries Page
  • the package allows you a total of 18 photos of your choice:
    • up to 6 photos for the ‘strip’ along the top of the Home Page (if required)
    • an additional 6 photos set out over both the Home and Accommodation Page
    • 2 photos on the Local Area Page
    • 4 photos on the Places of Interest Page
  • it allows you the choice of six photos to sit as thumbnails alongside the main image on the Home Page which then become the main image when hovered over with the mouse (see example)
  • you can provide as much text as you like with an unlimited word count describing your B&B, its facilities and locality within the pages and headings provided
  • the package allows you to choose the colour scheme for your website - see Colour Scheme Setup
  • it provides a link to SatNavHere.com enabling viewers to pinpoint the location of your property; and
  • it includes an enquiries form as an additional way for your customers to contact you
  • domain name registration for the domain name of your choice (.co.uk only).  Your new website will require a domain name, eg. www.yoursite.co.uk
  • Hosting for the first year.  The annual renewal fee for hosting will be £49


What if you wish to make changes to the layout or design?


The layout and presentation of the website ie. where the images sit, and the name of the pages and headings, are fixed as shown in the example.  Small changes, such as moving an image from the left to the right, or adding an extra heading etc can be made at an additional cost to the standard B&B website package and at an hourly rate of £28.00.

More significant changes can be accommodated and would need to be discussed in detail and changes would either be charged at an hourly rate or at a fixed rate for the entire piece of work which would be agreed at the start of the project.  You may wish to consider our made-to-measure website design services.  



What would be required of you?


If you decide to purchase the standard B&B website package you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • the relevant code numbers for the colour scheme of your choice
  • the text and images you would like placed on the site

This information will need to be supplied electronically (either via email or on disc) and in specific formats, the details of which would be sent to you at the time. 



What happens when the website is complete?


You will be emailed a link enabling you to preview the website.  There will be limited opportunity to make alterations to the website at this point so it is important that you are content with the text and images before they are submitted.   A proof reading service is available at additional cost.

When you have previewed the site, and when we receive a email from you confirming that you are happy with your new website, we will make the website available to the public.  We will then send you an invoice for £175 (plus any extras you may have requested).  



What about future changes to the website?


Future changes to the site ie. changes in prices, or images can be made at a charge of £28 per hour. 



This doesn’t meet my needs


Made-to-measure websites designed specifically to your needs and tastes can be written.  Alternatively, other functionality can be added to the standard package or websites already in existence.  For example you may wish to include:

  • A feedback form mechanism
  • An additional page showing property availability
  • Automated booking on online facilities
  • Content Management - allowing you to maintain details (such as pricing) on your own website
  • Website statistical reports eg showing numbers of visitors, how people found the site etc.
  • Website performance and availability monitoring

In cases such as these please email enquiries@xercom.com with your name and number and we will contact you to discuss your requirements and the best way forward.








If you wish to proceed please complete the online request form leaving your name and number and we will contact you directly, or call us on the number provided in the advert.




We look forward to working with you.


Please feel free to provide any feedback you may have regarding the content of this website on the form provided.

Note: The feedback facility is not available as part of the standard website.